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CFConversations 17, Interview 12 - Joshua Cyr - 10/06/08

This episode features the last of our interviews from CFUnited.

On day three, Brian Swartzfager sat down with Joshua Cyr, Principal Developer at Savvy Software, the makers of Savvy CMS, and manager of the Seacoast ColdFusion and Flex Group. In this interview, Joshua talks about Savvy, selling a CMS and ColdFusion at the same time, Adobe's direction with ColdFusion, conferences, and frameworks.

Run Time: 20:33

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Thanks! I didn't sound nearly as stupid as I often do when recorded. :-)

Also thanks for doing all this hard work. I notice you often are posting around midnight!
# Posted By Joshua Cyr | 10/6/08 8:47 AM
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