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CFConversations 21, Interview 14 - Isaac Dealey - 11/04/08

You heard him on episode 19, and now, Adam Haskell and I interview Isaac Dealey, creator and lead developer of the onTap and DataFaucet frameworks.

In this interview, we discuss onTap and DataFaucet in more detail, and we also get to know Isaac in a very candid and personal way. We discuss Isaac's struggles with Asperger Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, his diagnosis two years ago and his decision to go public about it. When you hear Isaac's story, you may realize that you might know or work with someone who has Asperger, but doesn't know it, or you might even have it yourself. I know I have worked with a few people who are definitely candidates for it. Regardless, Isaac's a brilliant guy, and you'll hear that in this episode. We also discuss Isaac's artistic side, with his Woohooligan site.

This interview's a bit long (for an interview), but we think you won't get bored and you'll enjoy every minute of this episode.

Run time 1:10:55

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Yeah, I spent the night after this sort of tossing and turning thinking "I wish I'd said x", like when I mentioned the region info in the member plugin, it may have made more sense to mention that it builds on the framework's internationalization features. :P

I do have one small correction - Asperger is spelled with a "p".
# Posted By ike | 11/4/08 1:46 PM
Sorry about that... I've corrected it. I think I said it as "Asberger" all the way through the podcast, too. I'll make sure I don't repeat that mistake.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 11/4/08 1:51 PM
No worries -- it's common enough that it's aliased on Wikipedia. :) And when you say it verbally, I don't really notice the difference -- I hear a consonant sound that may be either a P or a B. :P
# Posted By ike | 11/4/08 2:33 PM
Oh and I neglected to post this... or mention it during the podcast... but I'm still trying to get more involvement in this frameworks survey.

I realize there are some onTap framework specific questions there, but I'm really interested in getting a general feel for the community as much as possible. I think it could help not only the onTap framework but frameworks in general to have a better understanding of which concepts or features we value when we're working on our projects.

What do you think helps you meet deadlines and build better software? Did I cover it in the list or is there something I omitted?

Thanks! :)
# Posted By ike | 11/4/08 3:17 PM
And thank you! I forget to say that sometimes. :)
# Posted By ike | 11/4/08 3:22 PM
And Issac is still going....

Had a blast as always.
# Posted By Adam | 11/4/08 3:27 PM
Yeah, I do that a lot too. :)
# Posted By ike | 11/4/08 3:45 PM
Enjoyed the interview.
# Posted By Brad Wood | 11/6/08 12:23 PM
This was a very good podcast, thanks Brian and Ike for doing such a good job. Brian please bring Ike back often, I think you guys actually make a pretty good team.

Keep up the good work!

# Posted By Brock Baxter | 11/7/08 10:18 AM
Hey, one thing I noticed--there are other things ike works on (like cache bos and ontopic), could we have another pod cast talking about some of these other interesting projects? thank you brian for shining a light on an unsung hero in the cf-community!
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 11/14/08 10:35 AM
Neither CacheBox or onTopic are quite ready to really have any kind of presentations given on them yet. The forum has some working code, but it's still not release ready and the CacheBox framework is still so nacent that I doubt any of the small amount of code in it even works yet. Once either or both of them are release-ready, I'd be happy to talk more about them. :) If I tried to talk about them now there wouldn't be enough material to fill a presentation.
# Posted By ike | 11/14/08 3:41 PM
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