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CFConversations 26, Roundtable 10 - 12/30/08 - MAX 2008 Day 3 podcast of the ColdFusion Uber Panel

For the last ColdFusion Conversations podcast of 2008 (you might see me refer to it as such from time to time), we finally have the long awaited podcast of the ColdFusion Uber Panel from the Day 3 ColdFusion unconference at MAX 2008 North America in San Francisco, recorded on November 19, 2008.

As previously mentioned in CFConversations episode 25, the quality of the raw audio recording for the uber panel was pretty bad, but, somehow, through several false starts, I think I've finally made the audio listenable, even fairly good in some spots, although the quality does vary with the speaker. It's as good as I can get it, although it's still not as good as other roundtables.

The Uber panel features Ray Camden, Sean Corfield, Charlie Arehart, Jason Delmore and Joe Reinhart, with me as the host and moderator. You'll also hear Kristen Schofield, the ColdFusion Marketing manager in the second half of the recording (although she wasn't a panelist, you do hear from her several times).

Unfortunately, you probably already know that Jason Delmore was among the 600 laid off at Adobe earlier this month. Jason was speaking as the ColdFusion product manager at the time this was recorded. A replacement has not been named, but I just wanted to extend a holiday well wishes to Jason, Steven Erat, and to all of you former ADobe employees affected by this untimely layoff.

Speaking of the holiday season, I wanted to let listeners know that my Christmas gift was a new computer, and many of you donated funds and gift cards that were used in part to fund the purchase of a new computer, along with some of my own funds. Many thanks to those of you that helped me out with this, and it's very much appreciated. I didn't get everything I need, but it's a start. Unfortunately, I'm still not using that computer, as it has a bad memory stick. Once the replacement RAM comes in, I'll be using that machine for CFConversations editing and producing for the foreseeable future.

In case you're curious, I got this refurb from Tiger Direct, via Amazon. Yeah, you Mac guys will say why not a Mac? Well, I couldn't afford one, so I got the best computer I could for the money I had. Once it's fully up and running, it should make podcast editing a lot faster. I'm still saving up for a monitor.

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