An interview and roundtable podcast where we talk about all things ColdFusion and CFML.

Sorry for the delay...

I had hoped to have delivered at least three of the episodes we recorded from MAX 2008 San Francisco by now, since episode 24 was released. Unfortunately, a few things have delayed the release.

After MAX, I went on a week and a half vacation. When I got back, I discovered that many of the recordings taken from MAX were of VERY poor audio quality (one exception is an interview with Charlie Arehart). What's worse is that, since back from vacation, my six year-old desktop that I'm using to edit the podcasts has been giving me some instability problems, crashing, while editing the recordings, and I'm yet to have a fully edited episode. It's been very frustrating, as these recordings need a lot of work before they can be published, and my current computer isn't up to the task. Although I am really trying to get a new computer, the reality is that I don't have enough money yet to buy a replacement. You could help me out a lot by donating to my Amazon wish list, and buy an Amazon gift card of any dollar amount you feel comfortable with. Specifically, I'm looking for gift cards, not anything else (unless you want to buy me a computer). I'm sorry to ask, but I don't know what else to do except ask for donations.

I'm hoping to get out the next few episodes out soon. Stay tuned.

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I have to say I think it makes sense to ask for donations for a new machine to do the podcast. You're offering a public service. HostMySite is doing their part to help, just like sponsors do on public radio or public television. And I think those of us who can help out with some kind of contribution ought to, just like we would to support NPR.
# Posted By ike | 12/9/08 1:23 AM
have you talked to adobe? maybe they'd help out
# Posted By Marc Esher | 12/9/08 6:59 AM
I agree--Adobe should not only buy you a new machine, but maybe pay you a stipend for doing this. It's graet how you support their product, and although I know they are having financial trouble right now they need to step up to the plate and help people like you who are doing grassworts work like this.

Above all please keep tring and do not give up. The community needs you!
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 12/9/08 9:38 AM
RE: Adobe, I told them when I started that I had all the software I needed (which they could help me with), but needed hardware. I hinted at it to a few key ColdFusion people at MAX, but I didn't come right out and ask for it, and I didn't sense they were receptive to it. Considering the layoffs, I think asking them for it now is a little unrealistic. Adobe, if you're out there, read this thread, and are able to help, please contact me. However, considering the current financial crisis, I don't expect much.

I currently have $150 in Amazon funds from donations. If 25 people would donate an average of $20 each, that would give me $650, and that would be enough to buy something on Amazon. I am trying to raise the money on my own, but the podcast is taking so much time to edit (~20 hours editing per episode, and the recent MAX episodes are taking double that) that I can't take on much freelance work right now. I am selling all of my old stuff (laptops and desktops that are too old to help me) to help finance, too, but I've got some major bills to pay and sales of some old hardware and software that I had a license to transfer have gone to bill payments. Like many people, we got over extended in the recent easy credit years, and I've now got zero credit available and can't get any more. Even our recent vacation was, in large part, funded by family members, as we didn't have the money for it.

Anyway, I know it's a difficult time asking for financial help, but I didn't know what else to do. Amazon gift cards start at $5, and I'll take any donation no matter how small. And, if you've got a fairly recent machine (~2 years or so) that you are planning to upgrade and would like to help me out, I'm more than happy to consider used hardware, either Mac or Windows (beggars can't be choosers).

Thanks in advance.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 12/9/08 10:32 AM
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