An interview and roundtable podcast where we talk about all things ColdFusion and CFML.

Site Updates and Proposed Schedule

We're still looking for some help to pretty up the site, but I've gone ahead and created a new design. This is based upon a favorite of mine for a long time, Community MX's Jumpstart Traverse City. One person commented it's "too blue", but some graphics and even a pic or two should break the blue up nicely.

We're trying to get our first roundtable podcast scheduled for Friday night, with release on Sunday. It will be a roundtable podcast, covering various conferences over the last several weeks, open source news (there's been a lot of that) and CF9 rumors and hints.

CFUNITED is next week, and we plan a full schedule with roundtable sessions, and we have some interviews planned. More on that next week!

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