An interview and roundtable podcast where we talk about all things ColdFusion and CFML.

CFConversations Episode 1 - Roundtable 1 - June 15, 2008

Welcome to the first episode of CFConversations! This is our first roundtable episode! This episode was recorded June 13th.

Roundtable members:

  • Brian Meloche
  • Rick Mason
  • Adam Haskell
  • Jeff Coughlin
  • Aaron West


  • Introduction:
    • Our origins are from the ColdFusion Weekly podcast.
    • Brian started this podcast, out of sadness that Matt and Peter were retiring ColdFusion Weekly. We're not a renamed ColdFusion Weekly. We're a new podcast, with new people, and hope to succeed ColdFusion Weekly but not replace it.
    • Format:
      • A mix of roundtable and interview episodes.
      • We may add other formats after we get a rhythm going.
      • Focus on good content and getting into a maintainable schedule over style. No music, no fluff, just good stuff!
      • Trying to keep it simple, and share the burden between us to cranks these out.
      • The first several podcasts will be roundtables, as this one, and we'll be doing three more from CFUNITED.
      • We'll also be doing several interviews at CFUNITED, and Mark Mandel will be doing an interview as well RE: Transfer 1.0 after CFUNITED.
      • Goal is to bank interview content as much as we can to release on a regular schedule, mixed with more roundtables.
    • This podcast is meant to be a community resource, not one man's project. Brian's getting it off the ground, but he wants and NEEDS help from any of you that want to get involved with the show.
    • If you want to get involved, would like to be on a roundtable, would like to be interviewed or have content you can contribute, or if you have feedback, email us at podcast at cfconversations dot com or use the contact form.
    • Lastly, although we've done a few roundtables, we're new at production (although Brian has some audio experience from college), so please be patient. We're learning as we do it.
  • Sponsor: Host My Site, who are providing hosting and bandwidth for the site and podcast.
  • Jobs:
  • News:
    • Conference Round-up:
      • cf.Objective() conference - Adam, Jeff and Brian attended
        • Overall impressions
        • Memorable moments/sessions
      • Adobe Community Summit - Aaron, Jeff and Rick attended
        • Overall impressions
        • Memorable moments
      • WebManiacs conference - Aaron and Jeff attended
        • Overall impressions
      • Spring <br /> conference - Adam attended
        • Overall impressions
      • Scotch on the Rocks and WebDU - None of us attended either of them
  • CF9 Rumors/Hints
    • What's your impression of what CF9 will or should be?
  • Open Sourcing of CFML
  • CFUNITED - Jeff, Rick, Adam and Brian will all be attending; Aaron is sending two of his team.
  • Closing comments:
  • The runtime of this episode is 1:16:37. You'll notice that I had a lot of microphone problems during the podcast, but the recording still came out well. Enjoy!!!

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    There is an issue with the player that I am trying to sort out. If you click the download, it works. Also, this podcast has been submitted to iTunes, but it might take a couple of days before it's added.
    # Posted By Brian Meloche | 6/16/08 12:59 AM
    Glad to hear someone is filling the void left by cf weekly (a great podcast).

    I hope you guys can get your audio issues worked out. Some people were so loud they were clipping, others were so quiet I couldn't hear. I know its hard with a lot of people on the line, but it can be done.
    # Posted By Listener | 6/16/08 11:19 AM
    @Listener: As I warned in the podcast, this is our first attempt at producing one, so I would not expect the polish of Matt and Peter on episode 80.

    My microphone, which had been used several times between the unpublished roundtable # 3 of ColdFusion Weekly and this roundtable, did not show these problems until the podcast Friday night. I will be buying a new microphone before the next Skype roundtable. I'm not sure what the quality will be like for the roundtables and interviews done at CFUNITED yet, but I'd expect them to have more noise.

    Please be patient on the quality. For an episode 1, though, I think it turned out pretty well. We'll keep working on it.
    # Posted By Brian Meloche | 6/16/08 11:26 AM
    Thats a big my bad on the audio quality. I am a Skype newb I thought the levels were ok, but apparently the recorded recorded them differently. Lesson learned! Better quality next time.
    # Posted By Adam Haskell | 6/16/08 12:44 PM
    Great stuff, enjoyed your first podcast and look forward to many more
    # Posted By me | 6/16/08 8:58 PM
    I'm usually pretty picky about audio quality, but I didn't think things were really all that bad (other than a couple of long pauses, which I didn't really mind; they gave it kind of a 'live' feel)

    Not a bad job at all, folks, I really enjoyed the style, the lightweight, free-flowing conversation, the whole thing.

    It felt like I was chilling out with some of my fellow programmers (the smart ones!!) for an hour, which was really nice. Keep up the good work.
    # Posted By Brock Baxter | 6/16/08 11:16 PM
    @Brock - re: feeling like you were hanging out with a bunch of programmers. That is exactly the intent of the podcast! One of Brian's goals (as well as roundtable attendees goals) is to make the podcast feel like an open conversation between developers. Listeners are almost akin to flies on the wall getting an inside track into what developers think about current happenings in the world of ColdFusion.

    I'm glad to hear you liked the format. As for the audio, I'm confident we'll get that better. It wasn't too bad by any means, but it could stand a bit of improvement which I'm sure will get worked out.
    # Posted By Aaron West | 6/17/08 5:53 PM
    Oh I cried! Oh I cried at the death of my beloved ColdFusion Weekly. I cried!

    But the skies opened and a great new ColdFusion podcast has been born. You had me at "this podcast is about CFML...".

    Thank you, thank you.

    Hey can you make a Skype call in number so us losers can ask some questions?
    # Posted By John Allen | 6/19/08 3:34 AM

    We'll give that some consideration. However, I'll note that we're not trying to be a copy of ColdFusion Weekly. In that regard, we're not trying to make it a "call-in" show. However, I do want to encourage audience participation and I have some ideas on how to do that in future episodes. I am not going to spill the beans on this yet, as the goal right now is to get a regular schedule going and deliver good content. Rest assured, we'll examine audience participation in the future.
    # Posted By Brian Meloche | 6/20/08 11:24 AM
    Cool Brian.

    The show is pretty darn good. I enjoy it very much, thanks mucho for the effort.
    # Posted By John Allen | 12/8/08 10:19 AM
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