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CFConversations Episode 2 - Roundtable 2 - June 19, 2008

Episode 2 is a roundtable summary of Day 1 at CFUNITED, with Brian Meloche, Adam Haskell, Rick Mason, Dan Vega and Ezra Parker.

We go through the keynotes, which included several important announcements from Adobe, sessions, birds of a feather, hotel and conference venue impressions, and a look to Thursday.

Play time is 1:20:19. Enjoy!

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Yes! I just downloaded it. This will be a good start to the day. Thanks for all your hard work!
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 6/19/08 9:24 AM
I couldn't even listen to this episode. It sounded like a tin can. Maybe it might be a good idea to start a PayPal donation fund so you can buy some lav mics and maybe a mixer? Thanks for the work though.
# Posted By chief | 6/19/08 12:08 PM
@Chief - remember they are doing this in a hotel room while at CFUnited. I wouldn't expect them to carry that much recording equipment with them.
# Posted By Brent | 6/19/08 9:05 PM
We are going to put a PayPal donation button on the site in the future, once I figured out the best way to set that up.

As far as the sound quality, we appreciate the comments. We are still learning how to do this, but circumstances (and I am not going to go into this, but it's more than just financial) have forced me to do this on the cheap, and that means one microphone and trying to get the audio listenable with the little equipment we have. We have been focusing on content and getting a schedule going, and in that regard, I personally believe we are succeeding. In addition to the content we have released, we have recorded several interviews we believe our listeners will really enjoy.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 6/20/08 9:26 AM
Sorry - wasn't trying to sound like a d1ck. I am really grateful for this podcast - lots of great info so far. Thank you!

You may want to check out some of these packages for the future - not that expensive. Add on a few lav mics and you'll have a great sounding podcast!
# Posted By chief | 6/20/08 12:08 PM
Hey guys, been loving the podcasts. Great work!
# Posted By Yves | 6/20/08 3:09 PM
Other than the first 7 mins, the audio quality was fantastic on episode 2. Having everyone in one room with one mic (Blue Snowball) worked GREAT!

I thought the audio quality was significantly better than the first episode.
# Posted By Aaron West | 6/20/08 7:12 PM
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