An interview and roundtable podcast where we talk about all things ColdFusion and CFML.

CFConversations 5, Interview 1 - Liz Frederick & Nafisa Sabu of Teratech - 06/28/08

The first four episodes of CFConversations have all been in a roundtable format, but that's not the only format CFConversations will be using.

With episode 5, we begin releasing episodes in a new format: Interviews.

In this episode, Brian sits down with Liz Frederick and Nafisa Sabu of Teratech. We discuss putting on conferences as big as CFUnited, their thoughts on the CF developer community, their backgrounds, and open source CFML.

This was recorded using a Flip Video camera behind the booth on day 2 at CFUnited. The audio quality is surprisingly good, but you will hear some background noise from both the conference and the street.


Run time: 19:59

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I couldn't get the "Add Comment" link to
work with Firefox 3.

In IE, the comment field doesn't wordwrap
and my words disappear as if overflow:hidden
is enabled.

Please be consistent with the Album
Name in the MP3 ID3 tag. Currently there are
3 different Album Names in the 5 available

Also, please consider embedding album art
like "SecurityNow" and "Make Magazine" podcasts.
(They've embedded album art since 2005.)

The ID3 Genre keeps changing too, from Podcast
to Pop, Opera, Blues and Podcast. (This is not
good for my iTunes smart playlists that
incorporate pop and blues automatically.)

Also, it be nice if the filenames and track
titles (ID3) were named in such a fashion that
allowed them to be easily sorted. Perhaps
like TV episodes with Season # + Episode #.
This is not critical, but without it I have
to rely on the ID3 track # which is not
always visible on some MP3 players.

Hers is a link to a PNG of how it currently
looks in iTunes with the ID3 metadata and
the changes I manually made.
# Posted By James Moberg | 6/28/08 4:01 PM
@James: Lot of critical comments. Please remember that I am still learning how to do all of this. I am NOT Leo Laporte!!!

I do not have FF3 yet, so I'll have to look at that after I download it. I see what you mean on the IE comment issue. I will take a look at it. I had some problems with the comments CSS, so it appears OK in FF2 but not in IE.

I have not figured out how to add album art yet. There is an icon for the whole podcast, but it doesn't seem to work for the individual episodes.

The ID3 Genre was corrected for Episodes 3 and 4 as Podcast when I re-mixed them. The Album title was also changed to You should download new versions.

The titles should remain consistent from now on.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 6/28/08 4:31 PM
Sorry, I wasn't intending to come across as critical. I'm not Leo Laporte either, but I do subscribe to many podcasts like the past CFMX Podcast from Talking Tree, Coldfusion Weekly, Out Loud by Hal Helms and the Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast. (Talking Tree was the only CF podcast to have Album Art, but all of them were consistent with Album titles.) I don't usually manually go back to re-download them after they have been integrated into my personal listening library.

I'm not sure what OS you are using, but iTunes will allow you to easily embed album art and maintain the metadata. I know there are other programs available that will do it too, but iTunes makes it pretty simple.

Let me know which OS you are using as there are many free and opensource tools I can recommend to normalize the audio levels and optimize bitrate.
# Posted By James Moberg | 6/28/08 5:06 PM
If you are using Windows, you can install the
portable version of Firefox 3:

I have this installed on my USB stick
pre-configured with a bunch of developer
# Posted By James Moberg | 6/28/08 5:09 PM
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