An interview and roundtable podcast where we talk about all things ColdFusion and CFML.

Announcing the new CFConversations Podcast...

My name is Brian Meloche, and I would like to formally announce the CFConversations podcast.

We are planning to make this a combination of an interview and a roundtable-based podcast, trying to alternate with every episode, and may throw in a few other formats in here over time.

This is an effort of a group of people, and while I have gotten the ball rolling, I am only one of those people. This will be very much a community effort. I am a host, but don't plan to be the only one.

Host My Site is a sponsor, and has graciously offered hosting and bandwidth for the podcast.

We're using BlogCFC for the site, after looking at other CFML alternatives, including MangoBlog and MachBlog. It appears to be the most fully featured for our needs. MangoBlog, for example, doesn't have enclosures yet, so while it's more advanced in some areas, the lack of enclosures excluded it at this time. Yes, we could have added them, but we would rather focus on content and not application design.

You'll notice the site design is still basic. We're looking for volunteers to submit designs. Yes, I could design one myself, but since this is a community effort, and I'd rather spend what little time that I do have (which isn't much, I'm afraid) on the podcasts themselves, and seek a designer from the community to pretty up the site.

We might sacrifice a bit here and there to get a good schedule going. We won't have musical intros, multiple features, and may sacrifice a bit of audio quality if it means cranking out a podcast in a day instead of a week. We may also have a few bumps here and there as we learn how to do this. Please be patient!

Expect our first episode within the next week. In addition, we are planning to do coverage from CFUNITED. Stay tuned!

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Brian, can't wait for another CF Podcast to add to my weekly listening.
# Posted By Brent | 6/8/08 11:47 PM
This is great! Good luck, I'll definitely be eagerly listening to what you have to say!!!
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 6/13/08 11:46 AM
OK... no opening music! LOL, aside from we appreciate keeping the media channel flowing. :)
# Posted By John Farrar | 6/16/08 11:05 AM
Tuned in to the ColdFusion Weekly podcast just in time to see it go, so I'm really looking forward to this. Hope to see it run for a long time. Thanks.
# Posted By Matt Askins | 6/18/08 2:01 AM
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