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CFConversations 7, Interview 3 - John Farrar, author of ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial

Our third interview episode is with John Farrar of SoSensible.

On July 2nd, Packt Publishing released John Farrar's ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial, their first ColdFusion title, and the first non-CFWACK title since Rob Brooks Bilson's Programming ColdFusion back in the MX 6.1 days.

John's a fellow user group manager, and a friend of mine. On Day 2 of CFUnited, I interview John, along with Adam Haskell (who's listening). We talk about the new book, John's CO-OP and SOS frameworks, JQuery, CF9, open source, and the Adobe education licensing of ColdFusion announcement. We also talk about his family. John's got a big family, and I try to get down to how he can get anything done working from home with twelve kids.

This was recording via Jeff Coughlin's Blue Snowball microphone, which was also used for the CFUnited Round tables. The sound had to be boosted in post production, but it seems to be good under the circumstances. There is some echo in the room.

Some people have noticed a quality improvement in the last few episodes. I hope this episode's quality doesn't suffer too much from the last two. It was recorded a different way, so it may sound different. As previously mentioned in other podcasts, we're still learning how to produce these, and although we're learning more as we go, we don't have all the equipment we need to do episodes of the quality Matt and Peter of ColdFusion Weekly did in their run. Unfortunately, getting the right equipment isn't cheap. If you would like to help us out, please click on the Amazon wish list icon found on the right. Even a $5 gift card will help to get us equipment like microphones, mixers for on location interviews, and even Macs to replace the borrowed computers we're currently using to produce the podcast (sad, but true). Thanks to Dan Wilson and Rick Mason who purchased the first few items off of the wish list to help make the podcast a better one.

Links to the book:
Packt Publishing

Run time: 50:19

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Hmmm... I don't remember talking about my
'work' with CF9. More likely this is talking
about the features presented at CFUnited
and my thoughts about it.
# Posted By John Farrar | 7/14/08 12:42 PM
I have corrected that typo.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 7/14/08 1:06 PM
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