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CFConversations 8, Interview 4 - John Wilker of 360 Conferences

In this episode, Dan Wilson interviews John Wilker of 360 Conferences, the company that brings you the 360 Flex conferences.

John and Dan talk about the 360 Flex conferences, the upcoming conference in San Jose on August 18-20, ColdFusion and Flex. A summary of the conversation can be found here:

Note: This is the first episode not produced by Brian - this one is all Dan! :) Dan is one of the team here at CFConversations, and we're pleased to have one of his episodes on the podcast. He's got more episodes coming! Also, by popular demand, this episode features our first experimentation with theme music. Let us know what you think. We'll experiment with other tracks and how they are presented in the next upcoming episodes. Also, since Dan was the producer on this episode, let us know what you thought of the audio quality, and how it compares to our most recent interviews.

Run time: 43:06

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Man, that Wilker guy is great! Sounds crazy smart, and sexy too!!! :D
# Posted By John Wilker | 7/21/08 4:52 PM
Not sure about the theme music... it was a pleasant enough tune, but I don't want to sit through a minute of music when I'm only interested in hearing the podcast. Maybe just leave it on the end (as you have done) as a bonus for listening all the way through!
# Posted By duncan | 7/22/08 1:00 PM
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