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CFConversations 12, Interview 7 - Ray Camden - 08/14/08

On day two of CFUnited, Adam Haskell and I sat down with the ColdFusion Jedi himself, Ray Camden. We discuss several topics, including Ray's career, his new position at Broadchoice (which he had only been at for a month or so at the time of this interview), his many open source projects, why he writes open source applications, Spry and jQuery, ColdFusion 9, his role on the CF Language Advisory Committee, maintaining a balance between family, coding and blogging, TV and... tattoos.

The quality of this recording was one of our better ones from the conference, thanks to the use of Jeff Coughlin's Blue Snowball microphone. We're trying to purchase a Blue Snowball of our own, and you can help make that a reality with a donation of an Amazon gift card, which start at $5. Here is a link to our Amazon wish list if you care to donate or show some appreciation to our podcast.

Run time: 34:16

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