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CFConversations 11, Roundtable 5 - 08/07/08

Hey! Adam here... Brian got a bit of a break from editing and I took this conversation on to edit and produce, with Brian adding some finishing touches in the end. This was my first hack at producing an episode so please be patient as I learn more about editing levels. Editing it was a challenge but I had a great time, I hope everyone enjoys the episode half as much as I enjoy producing it!

With CFUnited quite a few weeks in the past and 10 episodes under our belt it's time to bring back the round table platform. We're bringing it back in style we've gathered 8 stellar participants including:

As one should expect with this stellar group of participants, the content is great and covers a wide range of topics.

Bob Flynn kicks this conversation off with an announcement about bFusion and bFlex, two days of free hands-on training in Flex and ColdFusion at Indiana University... check out the episode for more info!

From there, you'll get the opportunity to pick up hiring tips and ideas from some folks that have been very successful in hiring top talent in the past (Brian's note: This was recorded before it was announced that Brian Kotek was also joining Broadchoice).

The conversation doesn't stop there, as we had to take this opportunity to pick Sean's brain about the CFML Advisory Board. Brian also announced that a new vendor-neutral site to promote the CFML language is in development (Brian's note: I pulled the domain name from the podcast because, well, we're not quite ready to completely open it up to the general public yet [but the basics are up]. If you are really interested in helping out, use the contact form and I'll tell you more.).

We asked Mark Mandel how he felt about ColdFusion 9's Hibernate functionality, and we all chimed in about other ColdFusion 9 functionality, and talked a bit about alternative editors and search tools.

We also covered the SQL injection hot topic, including a free tool from HP called scrawlr and a project called Query Param Scanner.

CFUnited was covered for the last time, I promise.

We also talked about the Railo 3 beta and the Open BlueDragon releases.

Sean and myself closed out the conversation with a short discussion of an announcement that should have been made by now. It seems this announcement still has not come out so it's exclusively made on this episode! (Brian's note... nope, we're not mentioning it in writing... you have to listen near the end of the podcast!)

Run time: 1:36:37

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Note: Something mentioned in the podcast... Mark's episode will end up probably being episode 13, not episode 12 as thought last week.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 8/7/08 5:36 AM
Thanks for the additional notes Brian good stuff. Hope everyone enjoys it.
# Posted By Adam Haskell | 8/7/08 7:06 AM
I'll hopefully be meeting Gert at the Boston CFUG here on Monday afternoon. It's interesting and I'm glad to see a positive response to the announcement of the app store. That actually has been part of the plan for the onTap framework (although admittedly for framework-specific plugins) for several years and it's only not become a reality due to lack of resources. Version 3.2 of the framework which I published last week makes it much more feasible now, although I still don't have the resources to make it happen right now, primarily in a financial sense -- I can't currently afford the hosting myself. I'm hoping that with version 3.2 more people will be encouraged to donate to the framework project and that will resolve the issue of funding. :)
# Posted By ike | 8/9/08 11:09 AM
This has been the best round table so far. The sound quality was great, and the content covered a well-rounded set of topics. Great job!

I work as a student developer at the University of Maryland at College Park. I take night and online classes at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), which is actually a separate institution even though it's on the same campus. I know my university offers a class on ColdFusion programming. This one comes straight out of the CF7 WACK book.

The few students I talked to who had taken the class dropped it due to boredom. The class only covered the basics, and the instructor didn't get into any real nitty gritty, advanced application development.

The free licenses for academic use will hopefully make classes like this more ubiquitous, but what's most important is the curriculum. My hope is Adobe's involvement in this would push on the student industry standards, OO-style thinking, an introduction to frameworks (ok, maybe), how to get involved in the community, etc. For bonus points, the Adobe curriculum should prepare a student for Adobe certification.
# Posted By Jose Galdamez | 8/15/08 3:24 PM
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