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CFConversations 15, Interview 10 - Mark Mandel - 09/14/08

Episode 15 was delayed a few times, but we finally have it for you!

On June 25th, Dan Wilson interviewed Mark Mandel via Skype. Mark is best known as the lead developer and creator of the Transfer ORM framework, as well as JavaLoader and teaming with Luis Majano on the new CodexWiki project (still in private beta). This episode was recorded around the time Transfer went to Version 1.0 release. Since then, development on Transfer 1.1 continued and is now at Release Candidate 2. Mark was also a member of the last CFConversations round table episode (11).

Thanks to Dan Wilson, who did the interview and all of the editing for this episode! I think you'll really enjoy this episode, and I second Dan's comments about Mark being a good guy to have a beer with.

Run time: 39:56

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