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CFConversations 14, Interview 9 - Mark Drew - 09/07/08

After an unplanned one week hiatus (personal commitments came up over the long weekend and during the week), we're back with episode 14!

On day four of CFUnited, Adam Haskell interviewed Mark Drew. Of course, most of you know of Mark as the lead developer of the CFEclipse project, and, of course, CFEclipse is discussed, but Mark and Adam talk about a lot more during this interview, including Railo, ColdSpring, conferences, tattoos, cooking, a little about bendy buses, and a couple of things you might not know about Mark.

We'll be starting up another round of interviews in upcoming weeks, and if we have spoken to you about an interview, you may be contacted soon to get it scheduled, especially if you aren't going to be at MAX San Francisco. We'll also be doing similar coverage at MAX as we did at CFUnited, so expect more roundtables and interviews then. If you want to be interviewed for the podcast, please email me at podcast at cfconversations dot com, or use the contact form.

Special thanks go out to Steve Bryant, Sid Maestre, and Ezra Parker for their generous gifts from the Amazon wishlist. Sid's donation helped pay for some well needed RAM on the six year-old desktop I am using to edit the podcasts (since I no longer have access to the laptop I had been using). Steve's donation was a new Blue Snowball microphone, which we'll be using at the MAX conference, and Ezra's donation is a step towards getting us a new laptop of our own for the podcasts. If you want to help out, too, a gift card from the wishlist is appreciated, or you can donate via Paypal. Thanks in advance for your donation!

Run time: 32:22

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