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Our original episode 27 - Meet the ColdFusion Team BOF - will be delayed

One of the planned episodes from MAX 2008 is a partial recording of the Meet the ColdFusion Team Birds of a Feather session. It's the episode I've been working on for the past three weeks. It's about a 38 minute portion of the session.

Unfortunately, the recording has several issues. After several weeks of trying, I came to the conclusion that, with my current skill set, I couldn't fix the episode in a timely fashion. It's delayed the release of episodes, and enough is enough. I had decided to scrap the episode altogether. I decided last night to push up an interview in its place, with Doug Hughes of Alagad. I also have two other great interviews coming: one with Luis Majano and another with Charlie Arehart.

Notice, I said had scrapped.

I tried one final mastering of the recording, and had originally given up on it. However, after listening to it, it looks like I'm going to be able to publish at least a portion of that recording after all. It will mean a few things - a stereo recording instead of mono (sounds clearer in its original stereo) and a larger filesize, but I think that's OK in the circumstances. That said, that will still take more time, so I'll change the schedule, publish at least one interview first, maybe all of them, and then try again.

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