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CFConversations 27, Interview 17 - Doug Hughes - 01/18/2009

For our first episode of 2009, we begin a new series of podcasts, called The Speakers of CFUnited. In this episode, Doug Hughes, best known for his Alagad consulting company and as the creator of the Reactor framework. They discuss, among other things, Alagad, Reactor, advice for developers who want to start their own consulting company, and the future of ColdFusion.

Although the first three episodes in this series do not specifically talk about CFUnited, expect most of these interviews will include some information about their planned sessions at CFUnited, along with the usual interview stuff.

We're planning a lot of activity around CFUnited, and we have some special things coming up in upcoming months between CFConversations and CFUnited. Stay tuned!

And thanks to Dan Wilson for producing another great interview episode!

Run time: 54:12

(NOTE: Episode 27 was originally going to be a portion of the Meet the ColdFusion Team BOF session recorded at MAX 2008 North America. Why it's delayed is explained here.

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Excellent podcast. Dan and Doug did a superb job! very intresting and inspiring. I may have people used 'salamander' in emails to me from now on :D

This well done effort, but we're starting to get anxious for Brian to return...hopfully you've solved your computer problems and are ready to take the Helm again!

thanks for all your work.
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 1/26/09 9:58 PM
My computer problems are mostly resolved, although I'm still transitioning to the new desktop.

The delay is not computer related.

The Meet the ColdFusion BOF recording is of very poor quality, and 60 hours of editing has still not yielded a viable episode. I finally decided to table the episode, release the interviews we have, and then go back to see what I can recover from the recording.

The next episode is an interview with Luis Majano. I tried to get it out this weekend, but with my wife having some dental issues, I wasn't able to complete the editing. I'm looking to release it this coming weekend. The wait will be worth it. It's a great interview!

After that, the following episode will be an interview I did with Charlie Arehart at MAX. That's also a great interview.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 1/27/09 10:17 AM
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