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CFConversations 29, Interview 19 - Douglas Knudsen

In our third installment of the Speakers of CFUnited series, Dan Wilson interviews Douglas Knudsen, consultant with Universal Mind, who is speaking on Connecting Flex to ColdFusion at CFUnited.

Doug talks about topics from his talk at CFUnited, working in a coworking group environment instead of working from home, his start with ColdFusion, and music to work to, including Chinese Silk music.

Run time: 46:37

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# Posted By Brian Meloche | 2/11/09 12:03 PM
Guys I really appreciate what you are doing with this podcast, I know it takes work and you don't get paid for it. So I'm trying not to be harsh, but when is the audio quality going to get better? I tune in every few months to check out an episode, and usually don't make it through it. They just sound too bad.

I personally know some other podcasters who have a budget of a $40 microphone + audacity (free). And their show sounds much better than this.

I hope you guys can improve the quality soon. I will keep checking back.
# Posted By Podcast Listener | 2/13/09 5:37 PM
Could you be more specific? Which episodes have you listened to and which ones did you find poor? The MAX episodes did suck, but I repeatedly told everyone they sucked, and there wasn't much I could do about that. I suggest you listen to episode 28, the Luis Majano interview, and I think you'll find that one more to your liking.

If not, we'll still keep trying, but we can't spend fulltime hours producing this thing. I am doing the best I can.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 2/13/09 11:27 PM
Hi Brian. You are right, the Luis Majano interview sounds very good. I know been trying hard to bring up the audio quality level on your show. I also know you don't always have control of the audio setup of the guest when you are interviewing them remotely (although you must try!)

I don't remember all the episodes I tuned into, I know I ended up starting a lot of MAX ones. Also started the Gert Franz one and couldn't finish it.

On this latest one, Dan sounded far away and "tinny", while Douglas was often over modulated and braking up. I did listen to this episode all the way through today, and I think Douglas' audio gets better later in the show.

I'm sure things will continue to get better and better.
# Posted By Podcast Listener | 2/14/09 2:37 AM
Now, maybe I'm the odd one out, but I don't mind any of the audio quality. I listen when I drive to work and there is a lot of noise in the car anyway, so maybe I miss some of the little blips here and there--stuff that you might here if you listened really close through headphones I suppose. I don't notice either way.

That being said, I enjoy this podcast because of the CONTENT, and it is top-notch. The topics and the guests have all been very informative and I have become a better ColdFusioner because of this.

Like many others I know (mostly at work) we look at people like Brian as a CF "rock star" and look forward to each episode!

So...keep up the good work!
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 2/18/09 9:33 PM
I second that the content makes up for any poor sound but apart from the odd postcast in large rooms the sound is not really that bad. Keep doing what your doing I really enjoy downloading
# Posted By glyn jackson | 2/22/09 1:04 PM
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