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CFConversations 30, Interview 20 - Charlie Arehart - 02/24/2009

For the fourth installment in our Speakers of CFUnited series, I interview longtime pillar of the ColdFusion community Charlie Arehart.

This interview covers a lot of ground. We got into a lot and uncovered some of Charlie's own personal "hidden gems". We talk about Charlie's early career before ColdFusion as a Model 204 developer and the parallels between the ColdFusion and Model 204 communities, the early ColdFusion community, his involvement with ColdFusion user groups, speaking, and writing, his time at New Atlanta evangelizing BlueDragon, leaving there and going independent, and the type of work he does with ColdFusion today as an independent consultant. We find out Charlie is an old "song and dance man". We also talk about Charlie's seminary studies, and what he plans to do with it once he graduates. This is a great interview, and I think you'll enjoy it. If you don't know Charlie, you will after listening, and you will know him even better if you already know him. Charlie is one of the nicest guys around, and his detailed knowledge of ColdFusion and teaching that knowledge are what makes him one of our community's greatest assets.

Of the episodes we recorded at MAX 2008, the sound quality of this interview is definitely the best of the lot. The audio quality is as good as you can get for taking it in a hallway at a major conference, and you can hear both of us very well throughout the interview.


Run time: 1:06:33

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Hey Brian, thanks for the interview. You made it very easy and I enjoyed doing it very much. Hope listeners may as well.

I just wanted to take a chance to clarify one point, which might be taken out of context. At one point Brian asks me a question, which becomes a pretty deep one (about the state of things in one aspect of the CF community), and I quip that in answering I'm going to "pull an Obama and say that it's above my pay grade".

Now that he's our president, some may misinterpret that as a disrespectful comment when in fact, as Brian noted at the outset our interview was done at Max, now 3 months ago. It was a more timely reference then to some statements the Senator had made on the campaign trail, and it was just an innocent invocation of his quip. Nothing more.

As I said then, thanks, Brian, for all you do. We all appreciate the podcasts very much.

If anyone has any other questions or wants clarification on anything else discussed, feel free to comment here as I'm now subscribed to the comments, or drop me a note if you prefer, at charlie (at) carehart (dot) org.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 2/24/09 10:43 PM
Great podcast, all. Charlie, you are a gentleman and an eloquent speaker. We in the CF community thank you for ALL your past, present, and future work, and can hardly deserve you, really.

Perhaps more importantly, Brian, here's hoping surgery is going or has gone well and that you're back in action quickly. We're all pulling for you out here in "podcast land" !!!

Give us any updates. Don't those people let you twitter from the OR? :D
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 2/27/09 7:12 PM
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