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CFConversations 31, Interview 21 - The "Railo Gang of Four" from cf.Objective() 2009

I've finally managed to get out an episode! Woo hoo! I'm happy to finally break the long hiatus.

Recorded on Day 1 of cf.Objective() 2009, this features an interview with the new "Railo Gang of Four": Gert Franz, Mark Drew, Peter Bell and Sean Corfield. We go into how Sean, Peter and Mark each joined Railo, Railo UK and Railo US' corporate ties to the Swiss mothership, and how they are building a consultancy. I also ask them some challenging questions, like Railo going after the enterprise market of Adobe's, the relationship with Adobe, preaching to those Java and PHP developers they'd promised, and how the new guys each lost their Community Expert ties with Adobe.

It's a great interview, and it was something I could turn around fairly quickly (only a few hours), given the fairly decent quality of the recording and little editing needed. Thanks guys, for doing this!

Run Time: 42:30

A few It's worth noting that the Peter Bell and Sean Corfield interviews are NOT this interview. I interviewed Peter back in February, before the hiatus and him joining Railo. Sean's interview was on May 3rd, after him joining Railo, so it appears there are a lot of Railo episodes in the pipe.

Also, much to my disappointment, I have been unable to get a Day 0 or Day 1 roundtable done. Although I had interested people each night, both roundtables fell through. I'm going to try again on Day 2. I'm hoping that getting this episode out during the conference will help get a few more interviews and a roundtable done tomorrow (well, today, I guess). :)

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Happy to hear you are back on track. Another excellent podcast :)
# Posted By Glyn Jackson | 5/16/09 3:59 AM
Hi Brian,

Downloading now. Looking forward to this, big time!!!

Hey, and another request, for those of us who couldn't hear your talk on the Failure of OO programming, is there a way you can publish the slide deck (or better yet a trasncript) of the rpresentation?

I'm sure there are a lot of us cf-ers out there who would love to have some hard core stuff to put in front of our managers.

thanks again,!

Brock B
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 5/18/09 2:47 PM
@Brock, I will be publishing this presentation, but I had some code issues that I wanted to fix before I publish it.

Also, I have agreed to do this presentation for the CFMeetup online group in July. So, at some point, you will be able to see it.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 5/18/09 3:38 PM
Thanks Brian for the interview post, missed out on that one! Linking to your post from mine.

-Steve D.
# Posted By Steve Duys | 5/26/09 1:29 PM
I've recently got some doubt as far as ColdFusion. Believe me that if ColdFusion allowed us to do what we needed we would have continued using it ( as we already had the code and had servers setup with Sandboxing etc.), and would have written a blog about the value of it, but it doesn't at the moment and Railo does (visit to get better understanding of what I say) . Adobe ColdFusion is an awesome technology and I am nothing but an Advocate having based my business on it for the last 10 years, but at the same time we have to move with the times with regards to deploying a SaaS model and I do believe Railo is the better technology stack for doing that right now, especially for the issues we are trying to solve. Am I not right?
# Posted By larryRb | 9/16/09 8:18 AM
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# Posted By HenryBee | 10/2/09 4:15 PM
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