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CFConversations 32, Roundtable 11 - The cf.Objective() Roundtable!

I had hoped we would have been able to get in more than only one roundtable at cf.Objective(), but one is all I was able to get, and it's a good one. I had hoped to get this out before the conference ended, but I had a few issues on Saturday, and I just didn't quite finish it. Once I got home, it took a few more days before I finished it, but here it is, still fresh!

On the roundtable panel:

Recorded during the last Birds of a Feather (BOF) time slot on Day 2 Friday night (around 8pm), this roundtable

covers Days 1 & 2, but not Day 3 except to say what sessions we were looking forward to.

We start with the keynote, which covered Centaur and Bolt and a few other things. Several Centaur and Bolt features were discussed and shown during the conference, both during the keynote and during sessions Adam Lehman and Terry Ryan did during the first two days, and a few more on Day 3 that we don't talk about here.

We also cover the interesting sessions we attended in the first two days, our own sessions (we were all speakers), the BOFs we saw, the Flash Builder renaming announcement, sessions we were looking forward to on Day 3, and some of the well-known speakers that did not attend this year (though we missed several).


Run time: 59:53

Note: The episode is the eleventh roundtable episode, not the twelfth. I corrected the title, but the link will remain as is.

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Just weighing in...

I've seen a few posts in the CF_BLOGO_SPHERE about object-orientation and how it's kind of a sham. I think it's a good discussion, and as I have posted before, think it needs to be brought out and exposed to the light of day.

Is it possible to schedule a cf_conversations sometime where maybe we have a OO shoot out or expose on the technology and why it may not be all that (and a bag of chips?)

Just a suggestion. I think it would be a great and timely discussion, and you Brian, would have a lot to say in that vein.

Thank you.

# Posted By Brock Baxter | 5/28/09 12:56 PM
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