An interview and roundtable podcast where we talk about all things ColdFusion and CFML.

CFConversations won a CFEmmy!!!

Thanks to everyone that voted for CFConversations in the Community Achievement Awards (CFEmmys) for Best Podcast. It's much appreciated, and good to know that the community supports what we're doing. It's not always easy producing the podcast, believe me, but things that are worth doing aren't always easy.

For those of you who are at CFUnited, you're all welcome to attend our next roundtable at 5:45pm. We are in the Legolas room, which is Dogwood E. If we need a bigger room, we can move if we have to. Recording will begin at 6pm sharp, but you can pop in any time between 6 and whenever we finish. I want to encourage fans of the podcast to attend!

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Congrats! I voted for it!
# Posted By John Allen | 8/14/09 2:19 PM
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