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CFConversations 37, Roundtable 13 - CFUnited 2009 Day 2, Part 2!

I told you that I wouldn't keep you waiting for part 2 of the Day 2 CFUnited roundtable. Well, I did not disappoint!

In part 2, we cover a lot of stuff, including things both at the conference and other things to think about.

We talk about the importance of giving feedback to speakers, particularly if the talk didn't meet expectations. I shared reactions from my recent CFObjective presentation and how, although most feedback was very positive, some of the more negative comments helped me for when I present it next. That sent us off on a tangent about OO in ColdFusion and the recent discussions in the Blogosphere, including the podcast Hal Helms recently did that OO (and software development in general) is not a destination but a journey.

We discuss several of the birds of a feather sessions on Monday night.

John Farrar talked about his silent authentication BOF. Listen to the recording if you don't know what that means; I didn't myself know what silent authentication until I heard the definition. FYI, the Google Group hinted at in the recording is:

We also talked about the CFML standards committee BOF, the user group BOF, the iPhone development BOF, and the sci-fi BOF.

We discuss Joe Reinhart's inspiring day 2 keynote that prominently featured my friend Todd Sharp's Slide Six site as an example of sites CF developers should aspire to build rather than oldschool CF CRUD-style apps that ColdFusion no longer has the same advantages it historically had over other languages.

We also talk about some of the other announcements that might be lesser known by CFUnited attendees, such as Railo officially going gold on Wednesday, Model-Glue 3.0 going gold on Monday, and Mach II 1.8 beta being released. We FINALLY talk about 35 minutes in about the Fusebox forking announcement, as the fork will be called FuseNG.

We discuss some of the interesting day 2 sessions we attended. Janine Driver, Mark Phillips, Charlie Arehart, Mike Brunt, Adam Haskell and Barney Boisvert were singled out as speakers with interesting talks.

Lastly, some of the demo derby apps were discussed, as the two Johns and Timothy are each competing in the derby.

If you are at CFUnited, we'll be doing another roundtable tonight (Friday, August 14th) at 7:30pm in the Legolas room (Dogwood E) if you would like to participate in the next CFConversations roundtable.

Also, I am trying to schedule some CFConversations interviews for the rest of today and tomorrow morning with speakers, sponsors attendees. Even if you only have a few minutes, I'd like to talk to you. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook contact me through the contact form or just yell at me in the hallway!

Run time: 1:03:50

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The Adobe engineer that presented on ColdFusion 9 Air sync and the Advanced ORM was an excellent presenter the CF9 and Air demo code used in the presentation is available here: and the Advanced ORM code should be posted here in the next few days ( yes I took notes int eh sessions :) )

Thanks for taking the time do do the CFUnited interviews Brian and it was great to catch up again.
# Posted By Paul | 8/18/09 3:00 PM
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