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CFConversations 43, Interview 29 - Matt Pressnall & HTML Formatter (which formats CFML)

It's been a longer than expected hiatus (yeah, I know you've heard that before), but we're bring something you've probably not heard about for the first CFConversations episode of 2010.

If you're using the ColdFusion Builder beta, you may have noticed that there's something missing that may have been a part of your old IDE: There's no code formatter.

Dreamweaver has its own code formatting features, and HomeSite+/ColdFusion Studio has Codesweeper. For CFBuilder, though, that functionality's not there. Now someone may build a ColdFusion Builder extension, but I've found another option.

Searching around the net for an Eclipse plugin to format code, I found HTML Formatter. Now, you may think it's just a program that formats HTML code, but it's designed to format ColdFusion code, in fact, it was designed specifically for ColdFusion. If you go to the link above, you'll see a YouTube video:

Through some detective work, I found the developer, Matt Pressnall, and contacted him. Eager to try it out before hearing from him, however, I paid the $14.99 and bought the program, and I was pleased with the results. I realized though it's called HTML Formatter, and it does format HTML, it was written for ColdFusion, and if you check it out, you'll see that the video on the homepage uses a ColdFusion example.

Matt contacted me back, and we got talking, and I realized that this, and he, would make a good interview for CFConversations, and it would help get the word out about HTML Formatter.

We talk about what led to Matt creating the application, how it can work within your Eclipse workflow but also with any other code editor, how it's currently Windows only, the licensing, how it works and what it can do over built in tools.

We also get into some of the other interesting things about Matt, such as working with his wife, who is a web designer, his company, Copper Six, his experiences working with Ryan Stewart prior to him joining Adobe, some other projects he's worked on, and an interesting story of a viral video he created while his wife was expecting their first child. Check that one out, it's quite cool!

This episode was recorded over the holidays, on December 28, 2009.


Run time: 46:45

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I made a CFML formatter years ago in UserLand Frontier's UserScript. I use it every day. It works better than this one.
# Posted By Dave Babbitt | 2/2/10 11:08 PM
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