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CFConversations 44, Roundtable 15 - We're back! Day 2 at CFObjective 2010!

Listeners, it is with great pleasure that CFConversations is back!!! And we're back with a vengeance!

This roundtable episode was recorded on Day 2 of CFObjective 2010. We had:

We talk about the first couple of days of the conference, and various sessions we attended and presented. Here is a link to my presentation.

I also want to mention that John, Charlie, the CF Jedi Master himself, Ray Camden and Josh Adams recorded a roundtable earlier in the day for the RIA Podcast, and you can find that on the website or by searching for RIA Podcast on iTunes.

Believe me sincerely when I tell you how much it pains me when I can't get out a podcast, and the joy I am feeling right now that I was able to get this to you and in short order (24 hour turnaround). The last several months have been pretty tough on a lot of levels. Thankfully, things have stabilized and I'm hoping I'll be able to resume a regular schedule. I recorded two other episodes, including the Duct Tape Programmer vs. Architecture Astronaut session. I had planned to record my session, but I am planning something special for that later. Stay tuned!


Run time: 40:45

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Good Day Sir!

First, thank you for getting the podcast rolling again--this is great stuff! I can't wait to listen!

Second, is there a chance you could post slides or conference notes from your preso? I miss hearing you on the meetup, and I know others do too!!!

Thanks again!!!

# Posted By Brock Baxter | 4/27/10 1:59 PM
The presentation itself is available as a PDF on and you can also find it on I do not yet have the code posted. That's because I am doing the presentation on the meetup in two or three weeks time. We haven't identified the actual date or time yet, but it is coming. There are a couple of adjustments I need to make with the code and I'm going to make an additional revision to the preso before then. It did go really well, though. You'll get to see it some time in May.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 4/29/10 2:09 AM
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